To the Cabot Elementary School Community:

*** CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Please note that Saturday work will be ongoing for the next few months. Work will be performed within the job site limits and will begin at 7:00AM. As noted in the 10/31/18 letter which was distributed to neighbors, “Noise will be minimized as much as possible until 8:00AM and thereafter work will proceed to follow standard Saturday work protocol and City of Newton ordinances for the remainder of the day.” A copy of the notification letter can be found on this website, under the “Construction Notifications” tab.

On Thursday, December 13, 2018, at 6:30PM, the Newtonville Area Council met with representatives from NV5 (Owner’s Project Manager) and WT Rich (Construction Manager). Below is a recap of the meeting:

WT Rich provided an update of the construction progress. Exterior overview/update: Windows in 1929 building are almost complete; AVB is almost complete and caulking is ongoing. A punch list/review with the design team and will be scheduled within the next week or so. At the new library, there is approximately one day of masonry work remaining and window delivery dates are scheduled for early January. At the gymnasium, masonry work is ongoing and is approximately 80% complete. At the gym link to the 1929 building, steel is close to completion and the roofer is scheduled to tie into the existing building within the next week. Masonry at the Classroom addition is close to completion; temporary window protection is in place, pending window installation.  Metal shop drawing review is ongoing. RTU delivery is scheduled for next week. The transformer has been installed. Interior electrical work is in progress, to tie into transformer; pending Eversource to power up the system. Interior work is ongoing at the 1929 classrooms, including drywall/taping and painting; ACT grid is ongoing. MEP work is ongoing. Work throughout is progressing in a 3-2-1 sequence (from the 3rd floor, to the 1st floor). Millwork is scheduled to be installed in the mock up room next month. Boilers are in place in the basement (BMS system meeting took place with the commissioning agent and various related subcontractors).

The next Newtonville Area Council meeting is scheduled on Thursday, JANUARY 10, 2019, at 6:30PM in City Hall Room 211.

Please visit the project site cameras: View from Bridges Avenue

and View from Parkview Avenue

As always, for general project inquiries, please contact: Alex Valcarce, City of Newton Project Manager at (617) 796-1600.

Thank you,

The Cabot Elementary School Project Management Team