On Thursday, February 8, 2018, at 6:30PM, the Newtonville Area Council met with representatives from the City of Newton Public Buildings Department, NV5 (Owner’s Project Manager) and WT Rich (Construction Manager). Below is a recap of the meeting:

WT Rich provided an update of the construction progress. The project is on schedule. Now that culvert work is complete, Parkview Avenue and Bridges Avenue have been restored to an interim condition.  Final paving will be performed as the school project is closer to completion.

The existing 1929 building continues to be heated with diesel fuel heaters which are maintaining a minimum indoor temperature of 40 degrees. Foundation work is complete at the Classroom wing. Steel erection began at the end of January and is well underway and is expected to be complete at the end of February.  Foundation work and backfilling are ongoing at the Library wing in preparation for steel erection which is anticipated to commence in mid-March. Excavation at the gymnasium will follow thereafter.

Construction activities at the gymnasium will obstruct trucking access around the job site. WTR prepared and presented an updated site construction traffic logistics plan to address delivery access routes into the site and job site traffic flow. The intent is to maintain traffic patterns that are currently in place. WTR plans to utilize the gate on Bridges Ave to access the North end of the job site. WTR will also be using the gate on Parkview Ave for drywall and soil deliveries/trucking. Neighbors will be informed in advance, if and when, the alternative routes will be used. This plan will be reviewed with Sergeant Babcock prior to being implemented.

Awards have been made to trade subcontractors as well as the primary non-trade contractors, with longer lead times for materials. A BIM coordination meeting is scheduled for next week to initiate the coordination of MEP building systems.

As far as potential dust, WT Rich is responsible for dust control.  Once the steel frame is erected and slabs are poured, temporary lighting will be installed within the building structure for job site safety. An update will be posted and provided at the monthly Community update meeting.

It was noted that unrelated to the School project, NGrid is has been digging test holes on Cabot Street, looking for old gas lines. In the near future, new PVC gas lines will be installed.

Note: The next monthly update meeting will be on Thursday, March 8, 2018, at 6:30PM in the City Hall Room 211.  Two security/time lapse cameras are installed and are operational. Feel free to log on 24/7 and view construction activities via these links:

Camera 1: (view from Bridges Ave)

Camera 2: (view from Parkview Ave)

As always, for general project inquiries, please contact: Alex Valcarce, City of Newton Project Manager at (617) 796-1600.

Thank you,

The Cabot Elementary School Project Management Team