Please Note Upcoming Event:  Topping Off Ceremony – Friday, April 13, 2018 at 1:30PM

On Thursday, April 12, 2018, at 6:30PM, the Newtonville Area Council met with representatives from the City of Newton Public Buildings Department, NV5 (Owner’s Project Manager) and WT Rich (Construction Manager). Below is a recap of the meeting:

WT Rich provided an update of the construction progress. The project is on schedule with steel work well underway. The existing 1929 building continues to be heated with diesel fuel heaters which are maintaining a minimum indoor temperature of 40 degrees. Steel detailing is nearing completion at the Classroom and Library wings. Foundation work is complete at the Gymnasium and steel erection is ongoing. Water line relocation work is underway.  At the 1929 building, interior excavation has begun and footings have been formed. Coordination efforts are ongoing for underground electrical and plumbing systems. Slab placement is anticipated to begin this month. It was also noted that construction of mock up panels for exterior walls are being coordinated and construction is scheduled to begin shortly. The intent is to represent how building materials come together to establish a standard for constructability. Newton Public Buildings noted that the Little League and Baseball fields are in operation and were being used this evening. The City of Newton will be connecting power for the fields. In the meantime, the City can power cords if needed, through Parks and Recreation department.

It was discussed that there are City initiated projects ongoing nearby, unrelated to the Cabot School project, which may occasionally cause a few blocks on Cabot Street to temporarily close down. Neighbors in attendance noted that a smell of gas has been detected. Newton Public Buildings noted that NGrid has been notified, visited the site and reported that the level of gas does not warrant any repairs or action.

Note: Security/time lapse cameras are installed. Feel free to log on 24/7 and view construction activities via this UPDATED LINK:

Camera 1: – view from Bridges Ave

(Note that Camera #2 is being replaced. When replaced, the new link will be posted.)

The next Community update meeting is on Thursday, May , at 6:30PM in City Hall Cafeteria.

As always, for general project inquiries, please contact: Alex Valcarce, City of Newton Project Manager at (617) 796-1600.

Thank you,

The Cabot Elementary School Project Management Team