*** CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Please note that preparation for upcoming pavement work on Bridges Avenue is scheduled to take place JUNE 11, 2018 – JUNE 15, 2018.  Work will take place during standard hours of operation, from 7:00AM to 5:00PM. A notification letter was sent to neighbors on June 8, 2018 regarding this work. A copy of the aforementioned letter, as well as the meeting flyer, have been posted and can be found in the “Meeting Agendas” tab.

On Thursday, June 14, 2018, at 6:30PM, a representative from the Newtonville Area Council met with representatives from NV5 (Owner’s Project Manager) and WT Rich (Construction Manager) as well as a local resident. Below is a recap of the meeting:

WT Rich provided an update of the construction progress. The project is on schedule with key milestones being met. At the 1929 building, underground plumbing is nearly complete and electrical conduit work started earlier this week. Utility services are being brought into the building including water and fire services.  Concrete slabs have been placed at the gymnasium and the library. Slab on grade will follow at the 1929 building, following completion of underground utility installation work. Shingle installation is ongoing at the 1929 roof and the hatch is installed.  Although final paving on Bridges Ave will be done towards the end of the project in the Spring/Summer 2019,  a binder (intermediate) course is currently scheduled to start being installed at the end of June.  At Parkview Ave, precast concrete planks are being installed over Edmands Brook culvert, to protect the culvert.  It was noted that construction access at the north end of Parkview, that had been approved by NPD and presented to the council previously, has been utilized to avoid heavy trucking over the culvert until the precast planks are installed.  Once the planks are installed, which is estimated to be completed in August, the majority of trucking activities should be able to return to the Cabot Street entrance with minimal trucking access at the Parkview entrance.

It was also discussed that power for irrigation at the Little League field is pending Eversource installing a meter. In the meantime, in the event power is needed, WTR has offered to provide an extension cord upon request.

As previously noted, there are City initiated projects ongoing nearby, unrelated to the Cabot School project, which may occasionally cause a few blocks on Cabot Street and Bridges Ave to temporarily close down.

Note: Security/time lapse cameras are installed. Feel free to log on 24/7 and view construction activities via these UPDATED CAMERA LINKS:

Camera 1: – view from Bridges Ave.

Camera 2: https://app.oxblue.com/open/wtrich/cabotschool – view from Parkview Ave.

Unless otherwise noted, the next Community update meeting is on Thursday, JULY 12, at 6:30PM in City Hall Room 211.

As always, for general project inquiries, please contact: Alex Valcarce, City of Newton Project Manager at (617) 796-1600.

Thank you,

The Cabot Elementary School Project Management Team